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LoadPlanner Desktop 2.7
LoadPlanner Desktop is a free application client and a GUI component of the Enterprise, Client/Server, and Application configurations.

Evaluation version of LoadPlanner Desktop requires access to the LoadPlanner WebService. After downloading and installing the program, when running it for the first time, you will need to specify your loadplanner.com user name and password. If you don't have evaluation account, please register it first.

In order to use Application (stand-alone) edition of LoadPlanner Desktop you will need to acquire a license for appropriate version of the Load Processor. Load Processor is a downloadable plug-in, it will be installed automatically by the LoadPlanner Desktop after you enter the Product Registration Key.

Features and options:

  • Intuitive, spreadsheet-based professional grade GUI with dynamic help.
  • Interactive 3D graphics with animation and step-by-step controls.
  • Extremely fast Load Processor with configurable optimization depth.
  • Three-tier load processing: packaging - palletizing - container/trailer loading.
  • Import/export data in XML, MS Excel (XLS) or tab-delimited text formats.
  • *NEW* Seamless connectivity to external databases, all major DBMS and ODBC.
  • *NEW* Direct data import from Excel spreadsheet.
  • Variety of rules and constraints for complex loading operations.
  • Irregular trailer shapes - "gooseneck", "dropdeck", "furniture van", etc.
  • Configurable report generator, user-defined detail levels and layout.
  • Reports in HTML format for easy printing, web publishing and conversion into PDF or DOC.

LoadPlanner Desktop 2.7 - 40Mb MS Windows Installer (MSI) package.

Preview ...
         an example of LoadPlanner Desktop screenshot;
         an example of report created with LoadPlanner Desktop;
         LoadPlanner Desktop help in HTML format.
         LoadPlanner Desktop Frequently Asked Questions.

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