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Load Samples

LoadPlanner implements multi-tier loading process: selected group of orders can be packaged in boxes, palletized, and truck or container loaded - LoadPlanner handles this naturally. Some order items can be palletized without packaging. LoadPlanner will directly truck-load specified items if told to do so. If certain items or orders require special box, pallet or conteiner type - not a problem.


Shipping rules may require that certain groups of orders must be loaded on separate pallets (shipments for different customers, or hazmat items) while still can ride on the same truck. Customers may have different locations - LoadPlanner will load such orders in separate trucks. Different destinations may be served by different trucking companies with different equipment and specific constraints - LoadPlanner will handle that.

Mixed Pallet

Shipping rules may require that certain order items are not to be spread over multiple pallets when possible (for example items of the same customer's order), while still can be combined with other orders on the same pallet.

Mixed Pallet

When provided order quantities allow, LoadPlanner will create dense patterns of load objects to ensure maximum efficiency of the load space utilization.


If a variety of container types (trailer sizes) is available, LoadPlanner will choose the best combination to optimize configurable selection criteria. LoadPlanner will properly balance trailer axle weights to comply with the transportation regulations.

Trailer Load

In distribution planning it is common situation when certain groups of orders must be shipped immediately, while others can optionally fill empty space not taken by "priority" shipments. LoadPlanner will also consider particular sequence of drop-points for easy unloading, or order picking sequence for smooth loading.

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